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Thank you for visiting Dongdianebikekits website. Where you will find hundreds of products offered
at incredible wholesale prices. A quick look around our site will reveal our massive range of first-rate goods, be they mechanics, or sports equipment, but who are Dongdianebikekits ?

ABOUT Dongdianebikekits

Dongdianebikekits CO.,LTD is a subsidiary of DONGNAN motor group which is an area of 31,300 square
major in permanent magnet brushless DC motor and control system. DONGNAN motor have cooperated with
many domestic brand electric bicycle manufacturers for long-term cooperation . E.g. SUZUKI . HONGDU. XINRI......day.

Dongdianebikekits is specializing in the production of medium and top quality electric bicycle conversion
kits for overseas market . A professional working team of Dongdianebikekits and the professional
production ability,fast and stable lead time make Dongdianebikekits business a good successful
road to the whole market.


Anyone choosing Dongdianebikekits ebike conversion kit can be assured of the high
quality, design, specification, technology, value for money
and-most important of all- comfortable and easy to use .


Germany type high quality motor
Cutting edge Lithium Polymer battery
Shimano quality gears and brand brakes,throttle
Easy installed PAS sensor
Double wall rims with 2.6mm spokes for safety ride
High quality control and LCD display showing mode settings and current charge status
Water-proof conversion kit available
Tube type battery with bottom controller easy install and looks beautiful


You can get in touch with us at Dongdianebikekits using the below contact details, or address email to
following mail box and we will respond to your enquiry.

Dongdianebikekits provides buyers with prompt assistance by email , which enables the customers to better
enjoy the D.I.Y.
Dongdianebikekits CO., LTD
Add:No.13 North Lihua Road,Tianning District,Changzhou City,Jiangsu Province,China
Tel:+86 15006118014


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