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G1 type

 Our bike frame advantages:
 1.Our frame is good for 500w-8000w motor

2.our frame is likes the bicycle frame which has the pedals with chain, bicycle disc brake .  So riding likes the bicycle, and speed likes the motorcycle

3.Wheel size: 26" bicycle front wheel with 26" rear motor wheel, 24" front wheel and 24" rear motor wheel, 19" motorcycle front wheel with 17" or 18" motorcycle motor wheel .

4.The frame design is based on several fundamental elements:durability;versatility in the selection of components for assembly;maximum space for the accommodation of batteries.

5.Material:we use high quality strong iron.

6.The top mounting of the shock absorber has several positions, which provides an opportunity to use shock absorbers of different lengths and stroke, as well as change the geometry depending on the riding style.

7.Head tube for 1.1/8-inch non-integrated steering tube, 130 mm in length.

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